Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Story Away! Plus, Publication Date Revealed!

Today was a good day in writing. I printed out the first draft of my most recent story and edited it in the waiting room while my spouse was being tormented treated by the dentist. When I got home I made the revisions to the story, hammered it into the proper form for an electronic submission, wrote the cover letter--and emailed it to Cobblestone Press.

I also did the final edits on Flying High and emailed them to my editor. (I have an editor--squee!)

And I got an email from the publisher's announcements list--Flying High will be published on September 25th! No wonder my editor told me we were on a tight schedule for the edits. (It wouldn't have been quite so tight, but the first time they emailed me the manuscript to edit, it went to the wrong email address. It didn't bounce, so apparently that address exists--it just isn't mine. So we were late getting started once the snafu was straightened out.

But it's done, and on track for publication on schedule. Yay!

So--tomorrow. That's when I decide which story to finish next. I have several in various stages, from a fuzzy idea in the back of my mind to those with several thousand words written, but no real structure yet. I'll pick the most promising and start on it tomorrow.

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