Friday, February 5, 2010

A Day In The Life Of A Writer

This writer, at any rate. I drove my spouse to work this morning, then came home and wrote a bit. I'm expanding on my NaNoWriMo project from November of last year prior to sending it out--it's too short as is, and needs another 20-40,000 words to reach publishable length. Revising it slow, nitpicky work. I'm glad I don't do a lot of it. Adding new scenes, which is what I did today, is considerably easier.

I received a rejection from an online SF magazine today, but it was a heartening rejection. While my story wasn't right for them, they invited me to submit again. That's pretty positive rejection, and I will be submitting other work to them.

I received editor assignments from Cobblestone Press for my two most recent sales, Fast Friends and The Wild One. Two different editors, each of whom I've worked with before. I know the drill, so I imagine it'll go pretty smoothly once we get to editing the stories for publication. Fast Friends will require a bit more editing than normal, as I'll be expanding it from a Wicked short (5-10K) to Tryst length (10-20K). It's just shy of 10,000 words as is, so not a lot of revision is needed. It'll be my first longer sale, though not my last.

Fellow writer Lex Valentine posted today that the denizens of Flirty Author Bitches blog were looking for some new co-bloggers, so I jumped on the opportunity. I'll be joining them once they revamp the blog's website. I'll be blogging at least monthly there, as well as here. So look for me there, and look for some cross-pollination as well.

This afternoon I drove my spouse to the dentist for a couple of fillings. The dental appointment went swimmingly, much better than anticipated. Nonetheless, I spent the afternoon waiting on Spouse hand and foot, fetching (soft) food, drink, Advil, and--just before I left the house for the evening--a milk shake from the local Ben & Jerry's.

I spent the evening in the first session of a new GURPS fantasy game, then came home to an email containing the proofs for the cover art on Fast Friends. Because this will be a longer story, and not a Wicked short (like all the previous ones), the cover art format is different. And it's beautiful. It exactly captured the feel I wanted when I suggested the art. I'm very pleased with it.

It's been a busy day. Soon, bed. Then tomorrow I need to write, write, write. The novel (Strange Attractors) needs to be done and ready to start shopping around by the end of the month.

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