Saturday, January 9, 2010


Wow. So much for my resolution to post more regularly in 2010. It's been over a week since my last post.

Okay, from now on, I intend to post twice a week. But for now, a quick catch-up on the writing front.

I sent out my first new story of 2010 two days ago. "In Adversity," the tale of an aging, broken-down superspy who encounters a long-time adversary he'd long thought dead.

I participated in a workshop at the Cobblestone Press forums this afternoon, conversing with Sable Grey and a few other Cobblestone writers about writing goals and marketing ideas. It was a valuable effort, and I hope it will bear fruit. As a result, I've created a Yahoo group which I will be using as a newsletter to keep in touch with my legion of fans.

(Cue quote from Spider-Man: "Fans? I have fans?")

I've also set up an excerpt exchange with anothe author, which will be coming to a blog near you--this one--in February. Be there or be square!

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